How to find Influencers for your eCommerce Store

At the beginning of 2019 lots of people are starting to build out their own stores and sell drop-shipped products or even getting their own made in China. Building a site and selling a product has never been easier but the challenge has always been how to get in front of potential customers and to get them to purchase. Something that has really been growing in popularity is using Instagram and Blog influencers to sell your products. Here we are going to talk about how you can leverage these platforms to grow your sales on your eCommerce store.

Research your demographics

This prep work here can either make or break what you do moving forward. Finding the right audience that is already prepped for your product is key. Whether that is moms that need the newest kid toy or the guy that wants the newest electronics you want to find where those people.

A couple of places you can start is looking on Instagram, Bloggers, and YouTubers. All three platforms have people with an audience and it is normally niched down to a specific type of group. Find people that are in the “hobby” or want to learn about the solution your product provides. You will see that these people that are currently creating content in these niches have a following. Keep a spreadsheet and make sure you write down how to find them.

Determine which influencers have the most potential

The next stage is once you have a list of all your influencers in each of their platforms start looking at a couple of their stats on their audience. A common thing is to see how many followers they have. In today’s world getting followers is much easier than you think. There are multiple ways to “buy” these so its not the only factor you want to see. Find out how many people like their posts, this will vary by the platform they are on. Also, see how many reactions or engagement they are getting as well.

You want to find someone with a higher ratio of engagements and likes on their posts. When people are commenting, liking and sharing their stuff this means they have loyalty and that the people that follow them really do listen to them. These are going to be whom you want to go after more than someone with a million followers with only 10 likes.

Reach out to the Influencer

Depending on where they are sharing their content the next step is to talk to them and see if they are interested in working together. How you negotiate this is going to vary from case to case. Some will offer free products for a review, others will offer a small upfront fee, and some others will offer a commission on any sales that happen from their posts.

There are multiple ways to accomplish these and if you have any questions you can feel free to contact us by going to the Contact Us Page on the site. We are happy to give you some of the best options we have done in the past and it can be done with any budget.

Make them feel like a Team Member

Once you have an Influencer that has agreed to share your products and has started making content you really want to focus on building that feeling of a team with them. This is something that is as easy as giving them a quick update on sales from their post or saying how good their content is. Sharing their posts on your social media also helps them feel important to your brand.

You want these people to be forever customer and real brand ambassadors for years so that as they continue to grow their audience they do the same for you. This is a real win/win situation and the best way to set you both up for success in the future.

Saying Hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building a relationship

Gary Vaynerchuk

From here it is just rinse-and-repeat. You could talk to 100 different potentials and maybe only get 2-3 to start but getting all those No’s will make getting that Yes so much sweeter. If you need some help with organizing all these data I have to make a worksheet that will help you collect all that data. It even has a way to compare the followers/likes and followers/comments in a percentage so you can rank your influencers. If you have any questions like I said feel free to contact us or you can comment below on this post. Thanks so much and see you on the next one!

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