So a lot of businesses today now understand that Facebook is a necessity just like a website. It has become the hub for all businesses and how they communicate with their customers. While Facebook has been easy for most to understand, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others are still looked at as a mystery, and sometimes not necessary.

Most businesses haven’t used Instagram enough to realize the benefits you get with the free organic reach. While Instagram is definitely a great platform it has to be treated differently than Facebook. There are three ways to communicate on the platform and they all should be used differently. Those three methods are your Posts, Stories, and Live. In this blog post, we are going to talk about those different ways to communicate and how to use it to your advantage.

Instagram Posts:

These are the standard posts you can make on Instagram and is what most people know how to do. Instagram‘s community likes these post to be of the highest quality and visually appealing for all to look at. These posts need to show off what you do at your business in the most professional and best way you can. To get started we recommend our clients post 1-3 times a week in order to have new content available for your customers to follow.

Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are quite a bit different than the posts. They are made to be less finished, quick easy videos that touch on the theme of the page. We recommend our clients post once a day at least, with 3 posts a day being the best option. Most clients use stories as a way to show business-related behind the scenes or small things going on in the business. A high-quality video or photo is not needed. A character builder is really the best way to use this feature.

Instagram Live:

Live is something that many people understand but few execute properly. Lives want to be set up once you have an audience and are best used to answer questions talk directly to your customers at the moment. We normally recommend one of these a week and you want to set them up on a consistent schedule that you set with your audience.

Now, the questions a lot ask about Instagram is, “Why do I put all this work into a platform that is so young?” The reality is that when you have 500 million active users on a platform you can’t afford to ignore it. 60% of the internet in the ages of 18-29 use Instagram and 33% of 30-44 are on it too. This isn’t just a young person’s game anymore so you can’t afford to keep your business off of the platform either.

For any questions, you may have you are more than welcome to reach out to us @commercedriven on Instagram where we can answer you right away. Also, email us at

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