As of this month, Google has made a huge change in the direction of their Google Chrome browser that can affect your business.  With over 56% of browser usage being the Google Chrome this can be an issue for your business.  With these changes, your website could be shown to be insecure and not safe.  This could stop any sales you are making and damage your credibility very quickly.  In this article, we talk about how to see if your site is affected and how to fix it before its too late.

Google announced on their blog about changes they are making to their Chrome browser.  Starting July 2018 Chrome will start displaying whether a website is secure or not.  The way that Chrome determines this is whether the site has an SSL Certificate or not.

SSL Certificates are used as a way to securely transmit data from your browser and a server over the internet. This is an encryption solution that makes sure that customer transfer of data is kept private and reliable.  Google will now easily show your customers which sites have and don’t have this security.

This is after in 2015 Google started prioritizing websites with SSL certificates over ones without them.  This caused a drop in certain sites traffic because of them not coming up in the search results any more.  With this newest change taking that next step customers will be warned in the app that your site is not secure.  This could possibly even hurt your business’s credibility and affect sales as well. Luckily this is a fairly easy issue to fix and can be done to your site quickly.

In order to know if your site is secure, you can go to your site using the Google Chrome browser and click the “i” with the circle around it.  This will display one of these messages:

If your site is not secure or you do not have an https:// in front of your domain name, then you will need to purchase an SSL certificate from a hosting company.  You can purchase this from your current provider you have now, or through a few different companies that I am going to list below.  No matter which you choose you can install this certificate on your site and have it secured and up to date.

So there are two different providers we use on a regular basis.  Both I will be covering here below:


GoDaddy is probably one of the most popular hosting companies out there at the moment.  They offer many services for your hosting needs and could be hosting solution you are using now.  They offer a few different solutions and depending on your website or websites you can select the one you need.

For the most part, only the first two options are needed.  The choice between these two options really depends on how many websites you currently have.  For one website you can choose the $59.99 a year option which will give you almost everything you need.

The second option for $135.99 a year will let you install one certificate on up to 5 different websites and recommended if you have more than two.

The last choice is only necessary if you are transmitting very particular data like social security numbers or any other critical data that you do not want people on your site to transmit without the best encryption.  This only is offered in the single website option at $279.99 a year.

*Pricing as of Feb 28th 2017


SiteGround is a competitor to GoDaddy and has quickly become our go-to solution for all of our clients.  While they offer an SSL only option on their site directly they do offer them for comparable prices to GoDaddy.  What was really impressive to us is what they offer when you choose to buy their hosting plans instead.

Included in all of their hosting plans comes with an SSL certificate for all sites on their hosting solution but you also get a site caching solution called CloudFlare that can speed up your site considerably.  This being another huge contributor to your Google Search ranking.

While you may already have a hosting solution now, it is quite easy to transfer your plan to SiteGround and can only take a few moments. The cost for this hosting plan, plus the SSL and a Caching service starts out at $48.50 a year.  This solution is over $10 cheaper for a single website and over $60 cheaper for multiple websites.

This solution in our opinion is really the best but feel free to click the links provided above and decide on whats best for you.  This is a must though to make sure your site is ready for this change coming up on Google Chrome.  We can’t urge how important it will be to act on this right away.


How can we help?

No matter which solution you go with, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us.  Below you will find a contact form where you can reach out us.  To show how important this is we are even willing to offer 1 hour of free labor to help with the move of your site or toward the installation of the SSL. This one hour will cover the majority of the time needed to either move your hosting from one platform to SiteGround or to install an SSL purchased on GoDaddy.  Some exceptions can exist so we will make you aware of that beforehand.

In order to take advantage of this offer, use one of our links to purchase your SSL or Hosting from GoDaddy or SiteGround.  Once your order is complete please click this link to set up a meeting with one of our representatives to schedule your installation.

Whether you use us for your service or not is fine.  As we mentioned this is urgent for you to get your website secure right away.  Thank you so much for reading this and we hope you have a great 2018!

Questions about what to do next?

Urgent Notice: Google Chrome is Changing How People See Your Website
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Urgent Notice: Google Chrome is Changing How People See Your Website
As of this month, Google has made a huge change in the direction with their Google Chrome browser that can affect your business. With over 56% of browser usage being the Google Chrome browser this can be a big deal.
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