Amazon Alexa is one of the best new toys out in the home automation world.  It is slowly making our lives completely automated and really getting us moving super fast.  While automation in the home is great, one thing that lots of people are overlooking is what it is doing to the consumer goods retail world.

Alexa is learning slowly how to replace all salespeople and solidifying Amazon’s stronghold in the retail world.  It does this by giving you the options to buy a product by just asking for it.  All you have to do is ask her for what you want, it gives you a recommendation with price and you say yes to complete the order.  It even knows where you are right then and has the item delivered to you.  This saves you from having to go to the store to buy your toothbrush, razors or anything else you don’t want to have to get.  Alexa’s real gift is the time savings it brings to the consumer.  Purchasing takes seconds now instead of 10 to 15 mins to find something online.

Now you are probably saying, “Wait, what if they don’t like the product they buy, they will never purchase it without looking at it first!”  Well with Amazon’s amazing return policy and more and more people using it to their advantage it won’t matter at all.  If they don’t like it they will return it and buy something else and still have it the same day.  Again, saving the client time and giving them what they want now!

So this is the future of sales, and it is why you have to get on the bandwagon.  Your products have to be online, on the Amazon store, and setup to work with the Amazon Choice program. This means you have to focus on listing your products, you have to have good reviews, fast prime shipping, a good amount of sales volume, and then if you are lucky enough you will be chosen by Amazon as an Amazon Choice Product.  Unfortunately, Amazon is keeping a lid on the exact requirements but you need to continue to push your products and focusing on getting a good volume of sales on their platform.

So why do I need to focus on this when I already have my Shopify store?  Good news for you, Shopify already integrates with the Amazon Reseller channel and you can make sales on the platform and control it all in one place.   You will need to join the Amazon Reseller program first but then the two solutions will work together in order to sell more products.  We will be doing another article here soon to talk about what steps you take to get in the Amazon Prime shipping program, so look for this blog post in the future.

So, if you are not familiar with Amazon Alexa, go here and check them out.  I recommend you buy one for your self and play with it to see how it works.  Even if you get an Echo Dot for $49.99 you will have all the features you need to learn how to use this to your advantage.  Keep grinding and always be looking for that next sale!


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